Peter Pan is a prick

Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie, Michael Hague

I remember reading Peter Pan when I was little and not liking it at all. I now know why. Little Mary was somewhat of a responsible child. Seriously. Don't know where it went, but I was sort of an old soul for a kid. 


Now I go see Disney on Ice productions of Rockstar Disney characters. It's a weird thing. 


But Peter Pan, as a character, is irresponsible and a prick. I grew up with three older brothers. One of my brothers convinced me that if I held my middle finger up, that it was something not a lot of people could do and I should go show mom. That's how, at four, I told my mother to 'fuck off' without knowing what the hell I was doing. 


Peter Pan makes Wendy and crew fly for days without resting, without telling them how to stop, while laughing as they plunge to their maybe deaths in the water. 


I get that it's meant to show that Peter Pan doesn't know right from wrong, but all it showed me was that I thought Wendy should punch him in his stupid laughing face. 


I loved Wendy. 


But that sort of recklessness just doesn't jive with me. Peter Pan is a really good book, don't get me wrong, but I just didn't feel it because I wanted some parent to come around and tell Peter Pan to stop fucking around. 


Great book. Not for me.