The Chocolate War - Robert Cormier No. Just no. It's like Cormier decided to rewrite Lord of the Flies without any believable character or even believable setting.

I get it, social apathy is a thing. We get a much better picture of that in Fight Club. But you're telling me that in four hundred plus people, for as long as this runs, no one runs to the police? Especially the professor at the end which throws the whole thing from skeptical to absurdity.

Plus the ending? HA! No. Jerry says no the entire time in front of 400 kids knowing consequences but when it comes to what he knows is absolutely physical harm he backs down? There's no basis for it.

Also, if you want to deliver a theme about humanity you have to make the humans...I don't know...human? All humanity is evil and you can't be yourself. Okay, fine, great idea. I'm with you. But all these characters are one dimensional desires and wants or personality disorders with NO contributing motives. The sadistic guy is sadistic and...wait...that's all he is.

And females are nonexistent except for guys wanting to touch their boobies. Because yeah, that's all they're there for, right?

To me, a very, VERY shoddy rewrite of Lord of the Flies. I just don't understand everyone's love of it.