White Cat - Holly Black Meh.

That's actually a fairly good description for this book, I think.

The positives were the writing and concept. I hadn't seen the idea of a Curse Worker around, they kind of come close to Air Bender rules. Some are just born with it and some are awesome and the Avatar and that's how things are.

I liked the little touches with the book, the first mention of the gloves were done really well.

But the book wasn't memorable. I'm having a hard time recalling names after only, what, a week? And my memory's not bad. I can remember Dumbledore's favorite jam, it's raspberry, by the way. So if I'm not all that forgetful, why can't I remember anything?

Because I knew the book before I even read it. I knew where everything was going. I knew who the memory worker was, I knew what kind of worker Cassel would be, I knew the second the white cat showed up that it was Lila who was the white cat. I shouldn't know ALL the things about the book before the book happens.

At that point, I was just reading to find out if I was wrong. I wasn't.

The book amounts to a drive home, you know the route like the back of your hand, but if someone asks what streets you pass, you draw a blank. At least, I do.

So I went on a leisurely drive with the book, everything going exactly how it was supposed to go.

3/5 stars, because Cassel was a good character and the writing was solid. Concept was great, but it was thrown in a predictable plot.