If I Stay - Gayle Forman I don't know, reading the reviews on this book just make me feel like I have something wrong with me. This book is short. SHORT! Very, very short in comparison to some of the books I read in a day with no problem.

This book sits on my DNF shelf because it took me a week to get fifty pages and honestly, I don't care about her choice. Either make it or don't.

I may just be cold hearted -may? I'm pretty positive I am- but to me, the MC was nothing special, at all. Tell me why I'm supposed to feel for her, her in particular. Because EVERYONE could possible go through this. People who live in impoverished neighborhoods, war-torn communities, abusive families. Because all of that? That sounds SUPER interesting. Do you want to stay in an abusive relationship, live and try to protect your children or let go because it just might be easier and it just might be less painful?

No, you give me a relatively boring girl who loves music and has a perfect family and perfect, perfect, PERFECT. Why do I care? There's nothing to lose or gain by her choices. She can continue to live, find a way without her family. But that's what EVERYONE's choice would be.

Overall, I couldn't handle the characters. Cardboard cutouts of what the author wants the perfect family to look like.

So it sits, DNF, because I seriously don't care what the MC's choice is.