Significance (Significance, #1) - Shelly Crane I read this a super long time ago and this book, ladies and gentleman, was my first DNF! It's true. This is the very very first book (excluding books school forced me into reading) that I put down because I could not stomach it.

I gave it the old college try, really, I did. (What does that phrase even mean? Did I try college and then give up? Is that even the legitimate phrase? Did I just make up a phrase and try to pass it off? Oh dear God, this book makes me crazy!)

It is the reason that I hate soul mates in stories. Because seriously. Seriously. This book takes insta-love to a whole new level. We've taken Stephenie Meyer's imprinting and then exploded it into a catastrophic book that should have never been conceived.

And that's all I know about it, since I DNF-ed it at 13%, if my Kindle is correct. That's right. 13%. My first DNF, and I could only stomach 13%. I didn't even get to a plot because I'm positive there's none. Really. It's going to be the same old YA Paranormal romance which does away with plot.

Zero stars and eternal loathing. I'm sure there are worse books out there, but none are springing to mind.



I take that back, Halo is worse.