Unbreakable - Kami Garcia I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Actual rating: 0.5 stars because I liked two scenes.

Alright guys! There’s this story out about two brothers who go around killing ghosts and demons because it’s the family business and was something passed on through the generations.


Occasionally they recruit help in the form of a quirky genius who’s far too good for school.


And a woman who may not have chosen demon hunter as her first job, but falls into it with a vengeance.


There’s also a demon that they’re hell bent on destroying because he’s going around killing people that the group cares about and loves.


There’s also lots of really cool things in the story like rock salt guns, journals passed down through generations, salt lines, runes, summoning demons, setting bones and personal belongings on fire so ghosts don’t come back, and electrical storms that give away where demons are hiding.

Did you guess Supernatural? YAY! You’re right!

If you also guessed Unbreakable you’d be right.

Seriously. Look at the above things I mentioned and TELL ME that’s not a Supernatural fanfiction.


You’re a filthy damn liar if you look me in the face and tell me those similarities are accidental. I’ve never seen a book so brazenly steal from source material. It’s an insult. I’m a Supernatural fan, but I’ve only seen all the episodes once (In my defense, there’s a fuck ton of episodes) and I feel insulted.

Did you think we wouldn’t notice? I mean, do you know –really know- how many Supernatural fans there are? Because this isn’t just a homage to Supernatural anymore. I’ve read Supernatural fanfiction with less in common with the show.

The main character is Kennedy whose mom is killed by the main demon in question. Two brothers come storming in when a ghost is going to kill Kennedy and shoot the ghost with rock salt, making the ghost leave. The house is attacked by a poltergeist. They meet up with the rest of the crew (characters above) and proceed to try hunt down the demon because it’s the family business.



But wait. This fanfiction gets better! We’ll call Kennedy our self-insert, so this is a self-insert fanfiction. Bad enough, right? What do self-insert fanfictions come with?

Why! Instalove and a love triangle, of course!

Indeed, let’s have the Winchester brothers brothers Lukas and Jared (Yup. Jared.) both love Kennedy. After maybe a few days. Enough to completely change personalities and training. Never mind that Dean Jared (wrong actor’s name) could kill the ghost threatening Kennedy no problem. Nope. He’s got to forget everything and do exactly what the ghost says.

Granted, this happens in the only redeemable and maybe original scene in the book. I’m not sure, like I’ve said, I’ve only watched the episodes once, but I don’t remember a kid’s orphanage. If there is one, please correct me.

That’s seriously why I put .5 stars up there. Two scenes. One in a kid’s orphanage because fuck me ghost kids are creepy as hell and the prison scene because that was also creepy. I’ve watched all sorts of paranormal shows about prisons and let me tell you, I will not step foot into a haunted prison.

Fuck that shit.


But those scenes? At 75% through the book and 90% through the book. So at this point I was so angry because I could have been reading legit fanfiction with better character development.

And maybe they were legitimate characters, but it was so easy for them to slip into their Supernatural roles that I never really had to take them out.

So, have you seen Supernatural? If so, avoid this book. Because guess what? YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ENDING!

No, I’m not joking. She even stole the Apocalypse ending.

I just…I can’t. I just can’t even. How the fuck did this get published? This is a fanfiction not even bothering to hide it!!

So to this book, I’ll let the real Dean say something.